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Heaven and earth

     The vast world, everything biochemical. With the development of human civilization, we have entered the era of industry 4.0. The great God, with his love for human beings, guides the earth and heaven to live forever. Give us sunshine, air, water, food and oil; guide us to explore the wisdom of reconstruction of things and gods, the energy of division and cooperation of socialization (region, race, industry, culture, science and technology, etc.), the logic of mutual understanding and integration of people and things, the soul of people's self-awareness, social transformation and sublimation.

     A group of people with common value cognition, pulsating the blood of the world of the times, converged into a tiny light, focusing on the civilized journey of plastic, the son of oil: with the exploration of industrial technology, the wonderful plastic is presented in people's life.      Onewall is committed to the development and production of plastic molding technology.

1. Values: It is our basic value proposition, spiritual aspiration, mission and vision, and the value model based on which value is realized 2.vision: It's what we will look like in the future. We describe it like this: become a benchmark factory in the industry of the times, small and beautiful. Basic value proposition: harmonious integration into five good relationships - customers, suppliers, employees, society and investors. Value model: financial profit model with stable growth, customer structure model with active iteration, system model with simple safety specification, technical model with intelligent production and team model with de management. 3. mission: It is the value of our existence. We define it as: to provide the society with the image display of modern processing and manufacturing and advanced manufacturing factories; to maintain the vision, health, profitability and moderate scale development of factories.  
1. Safety production 0 accident 2. Product process qualification rate: 99.5% 3. Ex factory qualification rate: 99.99% 4. Product delivery rate: 100% 5. Material, energy and labor budget reach 100%
     Customer first, quality first: the company adheres to the principle of "focusing on customers", focusing on customers, understanding customers' demands for quality, delivery, service and other projects in many aspects, carrying out targeted reviews, taking active and effective management measures, optimizing product quality, rapid response to meet customer delivery time, optimizing service environment, enriching service content and increasing Strengthen service awareness, improve service concept, and comprehensively improve customer satisfaction.      Specific meaning of management policy:      Advanced manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection: in the process of production and operation, the industry's advanced production technology and equipment are adopted, the enterprise's environmental management is strengthened, and environmental protection, energy conservation, pollution reduction and civilized production are emphasized.      Abide by laws and regulations and work safety: the company strictly abides by the requirements of national laws and regulations and industry standards, strictly controls the harmonious operation of "human, machine, material, law and environment", applies the life cycle perspective to product design, manufacturing, transportation, use and recycling, strictly controls potential hazardous factors in production and operation activities, and ensures personal safety and property safety To achieve safe production.      Focus on health and continuous improvement: the company follows the management idea of "people-oriented, safety and health", comprehensively controls potential hazard sources, improves working conditions, avoids occupational injuries, and ensures employees' health. The company adopts the process method of "p-d-c-a cycle" to seek improvement opportunities from product quality, working environment, management system and other aspects, formulate improvement objectives, enhance the ability to meet the requirements, and achieve continuous improvement.
management objectives
Management policy
The company's management policy is: Customer first, quality first Advanced manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection Abide by laws and regulations and work safety Focus on continuous improvement of health
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